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practice, practice, practice...

Why Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is at the core of every skill

The most important thing to understand is that — like playing the piano, skiing, or playing tennis — public speaing is a skill. Watching other piano players or learning musical theory won't teach how to play the piano. There’s no quick tips video that will make you a great skier or tennis player. There’s only practice.

The Two Skills Mindset

Playing tennis

Think about the first time you played tennis. You may have gone with someone who plays a bit more and taught you how to swing, or you may have looked up ‘forearm swing’ on YouTube. Regardless, you were probably focused on those steps that your friend, teacher or YouTuber gave you. That is, you were likely repeating the words in your mind: arm back, step forward, swing, arm back, step forward, swing... and so on. Your focus was in performing the foundational task of tennis: passing the ball over the net. When you are starting to learn a skill, you have a foundational mindset.

But what happens when you start practicing a lot? Imagine you start playing tennis every week. You become pretty good. Your muscles now know the forearm and back arm swing because of muscle memory – and your mind no longer needs to be hyper focused on the foundational skill of passing the ball over the net. That is, your mind is no longer cluttered with arm back, step forward, swing. Instead, your mind has space to think about more expert-level skills like strategic aiming and spins. You’ve reached the expert mindset. And in this expert mindset, you’re confident in that you can pass the ball over the net.

The Foundational Mindset

A mindset that breeds worry and fear

We have this mindset when we approach public speaking engagements hyper-aware and worried about of the foundational task of speaking in front of an audience. For example, its people that worry about their voice or hands shaking, not coming off as confident, forgetting their speech, and other fears.

The fear of having to perform in a skill where you are not confident creates an unhealthy nervousness and high levels of anxiety.

The Expert Mindset

A mindset that solidifies confidence

This mindset is obtained by practicing public speaking repeatedly, so that your public speaking muscles are fit. When facing an audience, hand movement, volume, tone, and calm comes naturally because of muscle memory. Since you’ve practiced consistently, your mind is confident in your abilities to speak in front of an audience, and you come across as a confident public speaker. Since you’re not focused on that foundational ability, you start thinking about expert-level skills like how to have a bigger impact on your audience.

Like in any performance, experts get nervous. This is a healthy nervousness that stems from excitement, not fear!

Where Speasy comes in

Speasy is your Public Speaking Gym

To become great and confident public speakers, we need to go from the foundational mindset to the expert mindset. The only way to do that is to practice, build up your public speaking skills, and build up your confidence in those skills. To do that, Speasy offers 60-minute sessions where you can practice either for your upcoming engagement or for one of our recommended exercises.

We offer a workout plan with a collection of beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises to practice in our sessions. We start you off with the easiest exercise in your first free class and build you up to more advanced ones as you improve!

An experienced coach manages the sessions. They give you feedback and recommend personalized exercises guide you in achieving your goals.